Civilian Firearms Training Solutions . . .
We meet you where you are in your journey to self-defense empowerment

When you decide it is time to purchase a gun for self-defense, the first step is to let us help you select the gun and gear that is best suited to your unique qualities so that you will not lose your gun in a fight for your life. The training we offer is designed to help civilians, like you, become educationally and emotionally empowered to increase the odds you will prevail when seconds count.

It takes more than qualifying for a CCW Permit to be able to be your own bodyguard and first responder. I would be honored to help you with your journey not just for a CCW course requirement but each step of the way as I have with other students throughout the years.  Let's chat about what your goals are and how we can work together to reach your full potential to get you better prepared within your busy schedule that will not take a lifetime to perfect. Email me or give me a call at your convenience. If you should miss me, please leave a message or send me a text and I will reply ASAP.

Instructor Credentials are Essential to YOUR Success
Jeff Nix has decades of firearms and training experience . . .

I began my instructor journey in 2010 although I have been shooting guns since I was young. It was an honor to have the mentorship of my NRA Training Counselor, Tom who I miss dearly since his passing, and from whom I learned what my responsibilities are as an instructor and mentor to what are now many men and women who have trusted me in their self-protection journey. Since then, i have pursued other instructor training credentials, some good, some great; but most importantly I have built an excellent offering of courses that will help you, a civilian, to increase your odds of prevailing when seconds count. Best of all, we not only prepare you for the fight of your life, but how to avoid it completely.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you in your journey as a student or an instructor, I look forward to hearing from you. For me, as the time flies by, I always look forward to your call, text or email and taking the next journey!

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Why I am a SFWA Instructor and Master Trainer . . .
Because Critical Thinking is Important for Critical Situations that require Critical Actions in Critical Timing

Only training can help you put the critical pieces together to be able to act rather than react during what will most likely be less than a minute in time. The courses offered for civilians are not the same ol' basics with advanced training that comes from a military or law enforcement perspective.

Honoring those who serve and protect our communities and our country comes easy when you truly understand the situations they face everyday. However, as a civilian the self-defense dynamic is very different and the laws we must follow are not the same as an "on-duty" officer.  The techniques taught as a SFWA Master Instructor are totally to empower civilians within their daily lifestyles.

How FRFT is different . . .

It is very simple actually. FRFT is totally civilian oriented and has the know-how and tools you need to succeed as a civilian when you find yourself in a compromising situation.

What to expect . . .

Safety is preached often but rarely practiced consistently. FRFT practices what others may only preach, every moment of every course. Our students are trained to safely and effectively use the tools and knowledge learned in our courses.

We serve the entire Fox River Valley . . .

You can CALL the number at the bottom of this page, TEXT to the separate number at the bottom of this page or EMAIL us anytime. If we are unable to take your call, please be sure to leave your name and phone number and best time to call you back. If you text or email, please provide the same information. In all cases please let us know why you are calling. We are very prompt at replying whichever method you use. Thank you for taking the time to contact us! 

We are 100% dedicated to your success!

JEFF NIX, Certified Instructor and Training Counselor

CALL: (630) 552-8815  / TEXT: (630)-229-8255
Location: 10 N. Hugh Street, Plano, IL 60545

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