3D TRAINING TOOLS for Instructors and Individuals

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Tunnel Vision Shooting Diagnostic Goggles

3D Shot Gauge and Snap Caps with Holder

3D Sight Alignment Aids

3D Cutaway Barrels

Training Magazines


These tools provide a method that makes understanding details easier. For example: The abilty to see inside of a barrel to discover what rifling is and does is much easier with a cutaway barrel.

Seeing the Ahh-haa Moment

These tools were designed in response to the frustrations students experienced in the classroom to see up-close and hands-on certain elements that are important to grasp. Plus, it makes it easy to observe the student's success when it "clicks" and the point you are making becomes clear.

Training Tools Work

The ability to help students understand some of the intricacies of nomenclature, aligning the sights and the mechanics of reloading and trigger control are made much easier with the help of 3D training tools.

Why I Designed These 3D Instructor Tools



The time is takes to have numerous students observe up close or experience hands-on is greatly reduced with the use of these training tools. It also reduces the number of guns an instructor would need on hand.

Hands-on Learning

As instructors, we know the importance of hands-on learning. These tools make it affordable to provide students with ways to stay engaged during the class making learning more interesting.

Transforms Something Complex to Simple

One of the best ways to learn something complex is to break it down into a simpler form. These tools help you more effecively explain concepts. For example, showing the space [or light] on each side of a front sight within the rear sight.

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Tunnel Vision Shooting Diagnostics Glasses


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Red or Black & Custom  Colors

These are extremely popular!

3D Training Sights teach sight alignment, sight picture and front sight focus. Priced so every student can have one for that hands on experience. CLICK to Order:
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Teaches Various Things!

This barrel is an enlarged 9mm barrel that is cut in half. This exposes the feed ramp, the cartridge chamber and clearly illustrates the rifling.
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Multiple Key Elements

Clearly illustrates the inner workings of a striker fired slide. Useful to introduce the proper way to grip when racking the slide or viewing chamber.
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These Magazines Fit the Glock 17 Sirt Pistol, Glock 17,  19 and 34

The follower has been removed for demonstrating tap rack, critical incident reload and the tactical reload. Plus, saves your expensive magazines from damage when dropped on the floor. 
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SNAP CAP HOLDER and a DOZEN Snap Caps, too!

Snap Cap Holder is great for keeping your snap caps organized. One dozen 9mm snap caps are included. These are great for students to learn loading and unloading magazines and to dry-fire. 
Coming Soon!


Stop Laying Your Guns Down

These gun stands are great to display most double-stack semi-autos to observe them easier from a distance or for students to handle by picking them up by the grip and avoid multi-hand fumbling, too.
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HANDGUN Ammo Sizes

Excellent way to discuss handgun ammunition and the different bullet sizes that are shot in a handgun. 
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SHOTGUN Ammo Sizes

This is the perfect way to discuss shotgun ammunitions and the different gauges that are available. 
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